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How Facebook Pages Can Take Advantage Of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday


ShortStackThanksgivingEssayContestNow that the Halloween costumes have been put away and all of the candy has been eaten, Thanksgiving is the next big holiday on tap, as well as the shopping frenzies that accompany the long weekend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How should brands on Facebook be preparing for the holiday?

Facebook application creator ShortStack shared two ideas on how to tie the holidays into campaigns on the social network — Thanksgiving essay contests, and offers or giveaways for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

This November, host a Facebook giveaway contest that invites fans to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Ask users to share their favorite Thanksgiving stories or memories for a chance to win something cool from your company.

If your business or client wants another option for celebrating Thanksgiving, this essay contest app concept, and its execution, is interchangeable with a recipe contest. In a recipe contest, you should simply ask fans to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes in place of an essay for a chance to win.

The days after Thanksgiving are the biggest shopping days of the year thanks to two modern consumer-driven holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The success of these days can depend on the type of Black Friday or Cyber Monday incentives or deals your business offers.

The first step in making Black Friday or Cyber Monday a big hit is to promote your business’ or client’s offerings to a wide audience. Accomplish this with a Facebook giveaway app that supports virality. There are three effective ways to increase the virality of your app, but for this particular giveaway app idea, it’s best to use ShortStack’s Refer-a-Friend feature.

Here’s the gist of how this feature works: When you’re running a contest or promotion, upon submitting an entry, your users will be prompted with a link to share to their wall. The link they’re

given is special in that it will be tracked by ShortStack. If a friend of the user clicks on the link and enters the promotion, the original user who Shared it will be awarded with extra votes or “points.” You can configure the Refer-a-Friend text that the users see, and how many votes/points they will receive.

Instead of doing a traditional giveaway for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, in which one or a few people win a large prize, design your giveaway to allow many winners — this will encourage more people to enter because the odds of winning are higher. You could award multiple winners $ 25 gift cards, for example.

If you’re a brick and mortar retailer, you could also create an app that allows fans to access a printable coupon for a “Buy one item, get another item free” offer. This kind of app works during any time of the year that your business wants to promote a deal to fans.

Readers: How are you preparing for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday?

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