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How Facebook Is Protecting Its Users From A Security Breach At Adobe


SomeoneMayHaveAccessedYourAccountFacebook is taking steps to protect its users from a security breach at Adobe that may have compromised the encrypted account data of up to 150 million of its users, requiring users who were impacted by the Adobe issue to change their Facebook passwords and answer some additional security questions in order to access their accounts, according to Krebs on Security.

Adobe first reported Oct. 3 that hackers gained access to nearly 3 million encrypted customer credit-card records, according to Krebs on Security, which added in early November that Adobe notified more than 38 million of its users that their account information had potentially been compromised.

Affected Facebook users received the message in the screenshot above, and Facebook Communications Manager Jay Nancarrow told Krebs on Security the social network constantly monitors data leaks from other sources that may compromise its users, adding:

We actively look for situations where the accounts of people who use Facebook could be at risk — even if the threat is external to our service. When we find these situations, we present messages like the one in the screenshot to help affected people secure their accounts.

Readers: Were any of you affected by the breach at Adobe?

Screenshot courtesy of Krebs on Security.

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