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How Facebook Helps Amazon Make Shopping Social


AmazonFBFriendBookReview Yet another large retailer boosted its Facebook integration just in time for the holiday shopping season, as Amazon announced new social sharing capabilities in an email to its customers.

Amazon customers who connect their accounts with their Facebook accounts can now:

  • Discover when their friends have reviewed items they are browsing, or added those items to their wish lists.
  • Easily share product purchases, products added to wish lists, or reviews.
  • Discover new products based on their Facebook likes.
  • Share notes and highlights from books they are reading.

The emails from Amazon read:

We wanted to let you know about a new feature that will be launching soon for customers who have connected their Facebook accounts. While shopping, you will see when your friends have reviewed or wished for an item you’re looking at. Similarly, your friends will see your Facebook profile picture and name when they are browsing items that you’ve reviewed or are on your public wish lists (private wish lists will remain hidden).

Whether it helps you pick the right product or find great gift ideas, this feature makes it easier to discover items that may be of interest to you and your friends. For more information or to opt out of this feature, follow the link below.

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