How Effective Is Online Advertising (Infographic)


Conversion optimization company Invesp has released a new infographic on the effectiveness of online advertising according to which only 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads. The average click rate for display ad campaign is O.1% i.e only one in thousand ads get clicked.

72% of campaigns had impressions that were delivered adjacent to inappropriate content and on average 4% of ad impressions were delivered outside the intended geography.

Mid-roll ads in video has the highest completion rate of 97% followed by pre-roll ads 74% and post-roll ads 45%. 30 second ads had highest completion rate of 90% followed by 15 second ads(84%) and 20 second ads (64%). Check the infographic below for complete facts and statistics

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How Effective Is Online Advertising (Infographic) image effectiveness online advertising2

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