How Ditto Will Figure Out Your Favorite Brands On Tumblr


Social media sometimes reveals quite a bit about what you like or dislike, and Tumblr is trying to capitalize on that. Tumblr is partnering with Ditto Labs to help the photo-analytics start-up track brand logos that show up in user posts.

The utility is pretty simple: post a pic of a branded item, and Ditto will scan the post to see how you feel about them. Say you just bought a pair of Nike shoes, and you hate them. The algorithm would pick up on that, and appreciate how users feel about those shoes, or perhaps Nike in general.

As reported on Venture Beat:

“This is a Tumblr firehose partnership with Ditto, where Ditto can tap into the massive stream of images shared on Tumblr daily to help their clients understand visual conversations happening around their brands,” A Tumblr representative wrote in an email to VentureBeat.

It sounds like Tumblr wants to tell companies how often their brands are being shown off in photos posted to Tumblr, though it’s unclear why Tumblr would do that unless it is interested in advertising one day. Venture Beat also notes:

“The more interesting question is whether Tumblr and its parent company, search giant Yahoo, believes in the power of analyzing pictures, potentially to improve its own services for searching, recommending, and doing other functions.”

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