How Digital Marketing Is Entering The Mobile Zone


Things are quickly escalating in the digital marketing world, especially from the mobile point of view. Just a few days ago, Google launched the next big thing in mobile optimization, according to sources: App content will be indexed starting November. What does this mean? Well, if you are developing Android Apps, you’re in for a surprise. The content behind the data, such as reviews from Google Maps and Places and moving slowly towards more mobile data will be indexed, so that users can find results significant to their search queries. We don’t know yet if and when will app content be available for indexation in the case of iOS and Windows. However, this opens up a new era: Digital Marketing is entering the mobile zone.

More About The Mobile Zone

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are paving the way for users to access information from anywhere at any time. Digital marketing is the key to reaching individuals who live on their mobile phones and various other electronic devices – we have covered that topic in the past, as well. With the horizons broadened, people aren’t tied to personal computers or laptops, but have the freedom to go and do as they please with all of their electronic capabilities still within reach of their fingertips.

Website development must include cutting edge features designed to keep the customer in the know. They accomplish using several different tools and techniques, including:

  • Make sure a website can adapt to each type of platform: Windows, Android, iOS and the design is mobile responsive. More about mobile responsive design can be found here.
  • Unique content that pertains to the mobile users
  • Website development that embraces concepts desired by mobile users

mobile responsive design

Crossing the Platform Boundaries

Operating systems and device capabilities differ from piece to piece and system to system. In the past, what appeared normally on one device might have appeared distorted on others. Pictures may not be able to load or there were too many graphics for the platform to download it correctly. In some cases, what could load on one device would not be able to be detected or even opened on another.

The HTML5 tool is one type of software program that allows data, content and visual features to be displayed accurately on any device at any time. From an iPhone to a Nexus, the program enables the software to open and adapt each website or sign so that it can be easily viewed and read from all devices.

Scaling is another tool used by developers to make their websites more compatible with several different types of platforms. The term “scaling” refers to the ability of the website to scale it to the size of the device trying to access. This can mean reducing the entire image and content so it fits on the screen universally, or allowing the user to drag the cursor over the entire display in an attempt to access all parts of the image and content.

Interactive media is another popular concept. This allows a user to touch an image and enlarge it or open a text box that contains details or a description of what is being focused on. The Siri program and others like it, where a person can speak into a device and is answered by a voice that seemingly carries on a simple conversation, has made other conventional search options almost obsolete. The interactive voice programs allow individuals who are driving to look up or schedule events without taking their hands off the wheel or looking away from the road.

Quirks and plug-ins are also capable of increasing the efficiency in which a person accesses, utilizes or stores important information. These unique tools allow digital marketing experts to not only reach out to customers but also retrieve valuable data that can be sued to further their online marketing preferences. Plug-ins and quirks bring software apps and programs to individuals when they need them most, as marketing experts are continually looking for new angles to assist people in any situation. The sponsors and advertisers who promote sites like Circle and FourSquare know that the best marketing advantage comes when information is shared by many in single transmissions.

The Future of Website Development

Website development has continued to make progress right along with digital advancements that continue to increase its capabilities. As platforms continue to change and evolve, programmers must constantly look at their target audience’s overall usage of certain apps and services, as well as what their other interests and concerns may be. One key in the development of a specific website is to make the site compatible with various platforms. Working on only one platform drastically limits the amount of exposure you will receive. Being active on several platforms, however, enables a website to reach out to customers in an effective and concise manner.


As new tools become available, the capabilities of reaching out to an individual no matter what device or platform they use, is an absolute necessity. Digital marketing channels are more effective than most television and radio channels simply because the information reaches people when they are the most active, but in the same time inaccessible to communicate. An individual does not always have access to a television or radio, but their cell phone, laptop or tablet is always within quick reach. As we mentioned before, the Future is Mobile!


We have covered the “How”, so make sure to check our Google Mobile Report for a better understanding of mobile usage today and the “Why” in Digital Marketing gone Mobile. The report is accessible through this link.