How Chobani, Taco Bell Used Instagram Ads to Increase Hunger for Their Products


TacoBellInstagram650While Chobani and Taco Bell are situated on opposite ends of the food spectrum, the two brands achieved similar success while advertising on Instagram.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network shared case studies analyzing the campaigns by Chobani and Taco Bell. Here’s how they fared:


Chobani used beautiful food imagery and realistic, lifestyle settings in a series of sponsored photos on Instagram to showcase how their product can be enjoyed during breakfast and in other non-breakfast contexts. The campaign had significant impact on changing people’s perception that Chobani is only for breakfast. The results:

  • 4 million U.S. users reached.
  • A 22-point jump in ad recall.
  • A 7-point jump in the number of people considering the yogurt at any time of the day.

Chobani director of brand communications Jessica Lauria said:

Instagram is a great platform for Chobani. It allows us to show how people actually use our product and inspires new ways to savor. This campaign showcased delicious creations and different day-parts, extending our existing presence of real, beautiful imagery to new audiences and effectively changing people’s perceptions about enjoying Chobani throughout the day.


Taco Bell

America’s best-known Mexican-inspired restaurant chain was the first restaurant to advertise on Instagram. The brand announced its new breakfast menu with distinctive ads developed through a collaborative creative production process. The results:

  • 12.5 million U.S. users age 18 through 44 were reached.
  • The 29-point lift in ad recall was nearly four times that achieved by the control group.

Taco Bell chief marketing officer Chris Brandt said:

We let the concept drive creative production and paired that with what we knew about how people engage on Instagram. What resulted was a powerful visual narrative for our new breakfast menu that was a perfect fit within the Instagram environment.