How Businesses Can Get Started Using Pinterest



Many business owners know that it’s important to have a presence on Pinterest but are unsure on how to get started.  This article will change that!  Below are the steps and best practices for a business to get started on Pinterest.

Create A Business Account

Pinterest’s Terms of Service states, “If you want to use our Products for commercial purposes you must create a business account and agree to our Business Terms of Service.”  So, if you are using Pinterest for any type of business purposes you must have a Pinterest Business account.  Otherwise you are at the risk of having your account shut down.

Also, if you don’t have a Pinterest business account, you are not going to be able to have access to Pinterest’s own analytic program, enable Rich Pins, or have the ability to use Promoted Pins.

If you haven’t set up a Pinterest for Business account, follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. If you have a personal account, make sure to log out of it.
  2. Go to the Pinterest for Business website and click “Join as a Business” Join As Business
  3. Fill out the details about your business and your profile.
  4. Read and accept the Business Terms of Service and click on “Create Account” Create A Pinterest Account

If you are wanting to convert your personal account over to a business account (that is what I did with mine) that’s easy to do as well.

  1. Log into your personal account.
  2. Go to the Pinterest for Business website.
  3. Click on “Convert Now” Convert Your Business Account
  4. Fill out your information and click on the red “convert” button.

If you are like a lot of people who joined Pinterest when it first came out and can’t remember if you signed up for a business account or not, that’s easy to find out as well.

  1. Log on to Pinterest
  2. Click on your name at the top right of the screen. Check on Business vs Personal
  3. Click on the gear icon on the right. Pinterest__Discover_and_save_creative_ideas
  4. Select “Account Settings”.

A Pinterest personal account will say “Personal Account Basics” and a Pinterest business account will say “Business Account Basics”.

Business vs Personal Pinterest Account

Here are some other points to keep in mind when you’re setting up or converting your Pinterest business account:

The Ability To Have A Custom Name

With a personal account you’re only allowed to have your first and last name.  With a business account, you are allowed to have a name as long as you would like it to be.  This is a great way to brand yourself or your business.  For example, my friend Cynthia Sanchez’s name comes up in Pinterest as Cynthia Sanchez {Oh So Pinteresting: Pinterest Consultant and Speaker}.  This tells her followers exactly what her company is and what she does.

Specialized Profile Name On Pinterest

A word of caution — too many words can come across as spammy.  My advice is: stick to the same length or shorter that Cynthia has used.

Use A Good Profile Photo

I’m a firm believer that people connect better with a photo than they do with a brand that is behind a logo.  If it is at all possible, try to use your own photo as the profile photo, especially if you are the face of your company.  That being said, I think it’s even more important to have a consistent look.  Use the same profile photo that you use across all your social media accounts.  It lets people who know you on other platforms connect with you faster if they can recognize your or your brand.  Tailwind does an excellent job with this.

Have A Consistent Brand Look In Your Pinterest Profile

Verify Your Website

One of the best ways to gain follower’s trust is to have a verified Pinterest account.  A verified account shows your clients or consumers that you have control over your website.  Pinterest indicates that you have a verified account by showing a check mark.

Verify Your Website On Pinterest

A verified account also helps you subtly stand out in Pinterest search.  Here’s what came up when I searched for Peg Fitzpatrick, another Maximize Your Social author.

Peg Fitzpatrick On Pinterest

It’s even more prominent on mobile.  This is what it looks like on my iPhone 6+.

Verified Pinterest Profiles On Mobile

Verifying your Pinterest account is also the way you can get analytics and data about what is being pinned from your website.  You can find out who is pinning your content as well as finding out what content you have on Pinterest that people are actually clicking through to your website.

Getting your website verified with Pinterest is a relatively easy process, but if you’re not used to modifying files on your website, you may want to talk to your site’s developer.  For the complete step by step visit Pinterest’s official verification page or watch the video below.

These instructions should have you up and running on your Pinterest for business account in no time.  Make sure to read the Pinterest For Business Blog.  They are continually sharing great content that can help you make the most out of your Pinterest business account.

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