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How Brands Should Prepare For The Season Of Mobile On Facebook


MobileHolidays650Facebook’s emphasis on mobile will not take a vacation for the holiday shopping season, as the social network offered some tips for marketers looking to incorporate mobile into their Facebook promotion mix in a post on the Facebook for Business page.

The social network pointed out that some 128 million users in the U.S. access Facebook via mobile devices on a daily basis, adding that digital media has topped other media in terms of daily usage for the first time, and noting that Facebook mobile users check their apps an average of 14 times per day.

Facebook’s tips for marketers were:

Optimize for News Feed: Especially on mobile, posts that feature great images generally have much higher levels of engagement than text-only posts. And compelling videos can be even more engaging — an awesome 30-second or 1-minute video promoted in mobile News Feed can be a welcome diversion while waiting in long lines at the store.


Stay close to your customers with mobile application ads: In 2013, thousands of businesses — from Target and eBay to Hotel Tonight and Kabam — used Facebook mobile app ads to drive more than 145 million installs from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Mobile app ads also go beyond app discovery, to help businesses drive engagement and conversions within their apps. Here are just a few ways that businesses can use mobile app ads this season:

  • A retail app can notify existing users of a holiday sale or promotion.
  • A game can bring existing players to updated levels.
  • A music app can bring listeners to a new holiday-themed playlist.


Reach existing customers and find new ones with Custom Audiences: With Custom Audiences, marketers can use their own contact lists to reach customers with targeted ads on Facebook. Thousands of advertisers, including more than one-half of the AdAge 100, already use Custom Audiences in their campaigns. Between the second and third quarters of 2013, there has been an almost 75 percent increase in the number of marketers using Custom Audiences in their ad campaigns.

Using Custom Audiences during the holiday season can help businesses:

  • Promote sales or offers on Facebook with existing customers likely to welcome a good deal or gift idea.
  • Acquire new customers by excluding existing customers from campaigns.

Facebook Head of Retail Vertical Nicolas Franchet said in an email to AllFacebook:

This is one of the busiest times on Facebook. We’re seeing more people share and consume more content, and it’s happening on mobile devices. During the holidays, everyone is always on the go, traveling, planning, and preparing for festivities. Facebook News Feed is the new mobile shopping aisle, where omnichannel retailers can reach all of these people every day and merchandise products to strengthen their brands and increase sales — both in stores and online. Our scaled reach and laser-focused targeting make Facebook a powerful partner for retailers during the holidays.

Readers: Did any of the mobile statistics provided by Facebook surprise you?

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