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How Applauze, Threadflip, Cooliris, Swell Radio Benefit From Login With Facebook


LoginWithFacebookLogo650Facebook Payments Product Manager Deborah Liu highlighted four applications that are having success with login with Facebook at the Appnation conference in San Francisco Tuesday: ticket discovery app Applauze, women’s fashion commerce app Threadflip, photo app Cooliris, and radio app Swell Radio.

Applauze, which is powered by Facebook-owned cloud-app platform Parse, found that its users who login with Facebook:

  • Account for 70 of its top 100 spenders
  • Return to the app 20 percent more often
  • Are 27 percent more likely to be repeat buyers
  • Spend more per order on average


Threadflip found that users who login with Facebook:

  • Spend twice as much time using the app.
  • Are 38 percent more likely to make a purchase during their first week of using Threadflip, and are 50 percent more likely to make repeat purchases during the first month.
  • Perform three times as many social actions (likes, follows, comments)
  • Are twice as likely to invite other users on their social networks
  • Have a 30 percent higher average lifetime value


Personal media hub Cooliris found that users who login with Facebook:

  • Are 50 percent more likely to share photos
  • Invite twice as many friends to join groups
  • Are 50 percent quicker to initiate conversations via private messaging service Cooliris Conversations


And Swell Radio, which allows users to create personalized news and information radio stations from their mobile devices, found that users who login with Facebook:

  • Listen an average of 8 percent longer per session
  • Like and bookmark tracks more frequently


Readers: Have you ever used any of these apps?

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