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How Ad Executive David Droga Views Facebook


DavidDroga650“If you’re advertising on Facebook, the work you’re doing should be made better by being on Facebook,” said David Droga, founder and creative chairman of ad agency Droga5 and member of the social network’s Creative Council, in an interview posted on the Facebook for Business page.

Droga discussed his opinions on how media and technology, including Facebook, are incorporate into advertising campaigns. Here are some of the highlights:

We’re an exceptionally creative place, but there’s always deep strategy behind what we do. Before we start anything creatively, we have a firm understanding of our objective and our frame of mind for the campaign. Who’s our audience and what’s their day-to-day behavior? How can we complement those behaviors? How is our message more than an interruption? Why would people care about what we’re saying?

A lot of people think technology is a solution, but it’s really just a canvas for your work. It can make good things amazing, and bad things terrible. Facebook allows you to have access to mass audience really quickly if you do creative really well.

You can be very iterative on Facebook, because there’s a certain pace to how people are using it. People are coming back to it throughout the day and interacting with content all the time. There’s a pulse and energy that allows your work to be interactive and participatory.

It can be very contagious and personal and targeted. But, as with any communication channel, you have to be careful you don’t cross the line. There are unwritten rules to Facebook: People are using it to build their personas, and when they share something, they usually do so because they think it will in some way benefit others. So when we speak as brands on Facebook, we try to operate within those same parameters.

If you’re advertising on Facebook, the work you’re doing should be made better by being on Facebook. You can’t just be repurposing old TV commercials and hoping to get traction; that’s very primitive. The question, always, is: How is this idea made better by this medium?

A lot of people talk about ads as disruption. But I don’t want to be on that side of the equation. I want to do work people that people like, and that means knowing when to talk to people and not talk to them. We don’t make any assumptions that we’re going to sneak up on people or bombard them with a message. We have to make it worth their while.

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