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How A Snow Globe On Facebook Is Shaking Up Growth For Harvest Snaps


ShakeTheSeason650With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season just around the corner, a snow globe is the perfect centerpiece for a Facebook application, and gluten-free baked-snacks maker Harvest Snaps and its agency, Santy Integrated, made it happen with the Shake the Season app.

Shake the Season allows Facebook users to shake the snow globe three times every day for the chance to win Harvest Snaps’ holiday flavor, salted caramel, and users can earn more shakes by sharing the app on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So how is that snow globe working out? According to Santy Integrated, in a period of a little less than three days after its launch, Shake the Season had delivered:

  • 210,000 shakes
  • 19,176 likes, a 58 percent jump
  • 1,000 Twitter followers, a 51 percent gain
  • 569 Instagram followers, up 27 percent.

Santy Integrated President and CEO Dan Santy said:

Working with clients such as Harvest Snaps allows us to do what we do best: Be creative. We are given the freedom to concept, prototype, implement, and launch tailored applications such as Shake the Season as a tool to generate buzz around new offerings, reinforce brand presence, and increase demand for their products. It’s exciting to see these campaigns come to fruition and produce the results we are looking for in the end, often times helping increase our clients’ social following by more than 100 percent.

Readers: Will you Shake the Season?

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