Hot dog! The Storify week in review: April 12


A week that saw the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Golf’s social media surge and … dogs wearing pantyhose.

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Fri, Apr 12 2013 17:12:02

Iron and Whine

As the week started, the major news of Margaret Thatcher’s death sparked major political discussions across the web. Political divisiveness became a large part of a CNN frontpage story: 
And the Wall Street Journal also looked at the mix of remembrance and criticism for the former UK Prime Minister and “Iron Lady” 
(Though on a lighter note, they also pointed out that confused fans were relieved to see Cher hadn’t died)

Mastering Social Media

All week, the web was abuzz about the Masters golf tournament, one of the sport’s most traditional events. Surprised? So were we.
Sure, the event features a resurgent Tiger Woods and a promising 14-year-old entrant, but why does golf suddenly seem cool online? In one of the best stories we saw all week, CNN shared a fascinating analysis on how social media is making it happen:

Elsewhere online:

• Have you been seen this?
You’re not alone. Dogs in pantyhose is a thing, and CBC has it covered:
• The Flaming Lips joined Storify this week, and they’re letting you listen to a new album with live tweets from the lead singer. (Spoiler alert: It’s awesome.)

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