Honoring Community Managers by Giving Them Superhero Status [INFOGRAPHIC]




To protect customers, foster a brand community, uphold company ideals, and politely combat trolls is no easy task. This is why we deem all Community Managers superheroes and celebrated them on Community Manager Appreciation Day last month.  But one day does not seem like enough, so, in the infographic below, Get Satisfaction has honored these gallant individuals by comparing their talents to the superpowers of our favorite comic book heroes.

In the Justice League of Community, we have Superman who is known for fair treatment. Batman takes out trolls without sinking to their level. Wonder Woman balances compassion and justice. Aquaman has the dexterity to communicate with all types of customers. The Flash has lightning-quick responses to every concern. Green Lantern keeps good records should the time come for him to pass on his title. The Martian Manhunter can easily shift into whatever role is needed. Check out all of The Community Avengers below!

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