Homemade Valentine: Yarn and Paper Craft

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Homemade Valentine Yarn and Paper Craft

I have been a crafting fool for Valentine’s Day! There’s something about a cupid’s bow that brings out the creative person in me. While at my local craft spot, I thought of an idea to create a homemade valentine with yarn and paper. It is super easy to make and can be created with many of the things you already have at home.

I am not a skilled crafter by any stretch of the imagination, so believe me when I say that if I say this homemade valentine is simple to make, it truly is.

Homemade Valentine

And what’s more, this homemade valentine can hold candy or other small treats.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • heavy duty construction paper (in pink, white, and red)
  • hole punch
  • yarn (in white, pink, red)
  • scissors
  • candy to stuff the valentines with

To assemble the homemade valentine, take two pieces of the paper and fold both pieces of paper together down the middle. Then cut out the heart starting at the bottom and rounding to make the heart shape.

Once done cutting, you should have two hearts that are exactly the same size.

Put one heart on top of the other and with the hole punch, begin punching holes around the perimeter of the hearts; approximately 1/2 inch from the outside of the hearts. Punch the holes all the way around the hearts about an inch apart.

Once you are done punching the holes, take a piece of yarn and begin to thread it through the holes (start at the top of the heart and work your way around).

Before you “seal” or close the heart with a bow, stuff if with candy. The bigger the heart, the bigger the types of candy you can stuff it with.

Homemade Valentine How-to

Tie it with a bow and you are finished!

You can create different sizes of the homemade valentines to your liking. I mixed the ones I made up; a made some small, medium, and large ones.

Yarn and Paper Valentines

Unlike my Fun Chalkboard Valentines for Kids DIY, this one will take about 5 to 7 minutes per Valentine. So if you are a busy mom or dad without a lot of time, this may not be the craft for you. Or, you can opt to assemble a few at a time, allowing your child(ren) to help. Younger children will need a lot of assistance with this craft. Kids 10 and up can probably do this on their own after watching you assemble one yourself.

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