Hillary Clinton Cackling at Email Question is Extremely Disturbing


There are many things that Vine encapsulates beautifully. I have always been a fan of the slipping sloth. There are other things that should never be made into Vines and Hillary Clinton’s response to a question about emails is one of those things. Fair warning: she will disturb you now and haunt you in your sleep if you let it loop enough times.

Bernie Sanders said he was sick of her damn emails dominating the news. It was a good play for Sanders but a better play for Clinton. Now, she’s shifted to dismissal rather than defense based upon public opinion. Her campaign’s shrewdness is really starting to come to play. If she’s able to get out of yet another scandal and win the Presidency, we’ll know two things for certain: spin doctors control society and over half of Americans are suckers.

That’s a different topic. Here are the two vines of which I speak.

She would terrify me even if she weren’t running for President.