Hillary Clinton 404 Error Page Brilliance: Great Content in Unexpected Places


I love the Huffington Post for many reasons. But today I love the Huffington Post because they pointed me to my next installment of Great Content in Unexpected PlacesHillary Clinton’s new presidential campaign website. Well, more specifically, the 404 error page on her website.  

Love Clinton or not, this page is brilliant for a few reasons. It shows that she has a sense of humor. It shows she has a good marketing team. And, everyone loves a good pun. Right?

Hillary Clinton 404 Error Page Brilliance: Great Content in Unexpected PlacesMore importantly, it provides marketing inspiration and a few content marketing lessons:

1.    Try to surprise and delight: when you have an audience, be it millions or hundreds, throw in an Easter egg here and there (aka, an intentional content surprise/joke scattered in random places). Why? People will like it, get a chuckle, and who knows, someone like me, or more importantly Alex Kleinman, may write about it. 

2.    Have a sense of humor: whether running for President, writing on your personal blog or creating content for a B2B website, have a sense of humor. It will show your human side and make your content more relatable. Of course, always remember that comedy is hard. If you’re not a naturally funny person, rely on others to create the comedy (sort of like how I used the joke of Hilary Clinton’s team providing the funny part of this article). 

3.    Use nostalgia to your benefit: we all know Hillary is the wife of former President Bill. Some love this fact, others not so much. But most of us will enjoy a nostalgic photo of her family at Disneyland. Add in a pun, and it’s simply delightful.   

4.    Find content opportunities everywhere: always remember that everything you create, even a 404 error page, is an opportunity for great content. No matter what you are creating, ask yourself how that particular piece of content can be AMAZING to your audience/customer. 

5.    Never forget your CTA: the Clinton team is hard at work, and based on what I have seen, they have two main calls to action (CTA), donate and volunteer. I love that they used this page, which is meant to be a page people only navigate to erroneously, as an opportunity to solicit volunteers. Much respect…

A big thanks to the Hillary Clinton campaign team for today’s chuckle and inspiring round 3 of Great Content in Unexpected Places. Have you seen any AMAZINGLY unexpected content lately? I’d love to hear about it.

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