Here’s What An Ad On Tinder Looks Like


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This article originally appeared on Recode and is written by Peter Kafka.

Tinder has been flirting (get it?) with ads for a while. Yesterday the dating app sealed the deal, unveiling its first paid message, from Bud Light.

When my colleague Kurt Wagner wrote about the ad yesterday, he couldn’t find it in the wild. I’m an old married person so I can’t find it, either, since I’m not allowed to have Tinder on my phone.

But here, via Ad Age, is what it looks like, via a YouTube clip. Brace yourself:


Doesn’t matter. Tinder users will certainly see more of these, since marketers believe Tinder is a white-hot app that delivers them straight to the elusive millennial demographic.

And since we’ve seen with Snapchat that apps delivering elusive millennial demos getreally big ad dollars, there’s no reason for Tinder-owner IAC not to take some of that cash.

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