Here’s How To ‘Spark’ Fan Engagement With Your Brand


sparkedIf you want your customers to promote your brand, you need to give them an incentive. It’s only common sense.

By “incentive” we don’t mean boring Facebook offers – we mean ways to make engagement fun. But if fun was so simple, everyone would be doing it.

Well, maybe they WILL be after reading this, because one company has this whole “fun engagement” thing figured out.

Sparked’s new mobile-optimized Customer Teams platform makes engagement simple. The app provides a gamified environment in which your fans can engage, participate and really get involved with your brand.

But why this, over traditional social media engagement?

Sparked CEO and co-founder Ben Rigby explains it this way: “If you treat a customer like an insider — a team member — then they will be motivated to produce real value for your brand. This can’t occur if your first move is soliciting likes, shares, comments and retweets. When customers become team members of your brand, you move from customer engagement to customer productivity.”

Now you’re wondering why more companies aren’t already doing this, right? And with more than 50 percent of all social networking happening from mobile devices, it seems the Customer Teams app is really tapping into something important. But Sparked isn’t just for mobile devices. It also works on social media platforms.

Check out Ecowares working demo on Facebook to see it in action.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 4.20.51 PM

So, which companies can benefit from Customer Teams? We’re pretty sure all of them can.

The great thing about Customer Teams is that the platform is so highly customizable that anyone can make it work for them. You choose the format, rewards, activities and interactions that will best incentivize your fans.

People want to be involved with the things they love. Sparked uses machine learning to customize fan experience, so your customers can engage in a way they enjoy.

sparked2 (1)

What do you think — will your company be giving it a try?

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