Here’s How Much We Hate Holiday Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]


Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 8.05.25 AMThe holiday season is NOT all fun and festivities. Shopping is a hassle and customer service can be a total nightmare. We’ve come to expect that.

But just how much do really we hate dealing with those holiday customer service associates? Aspect has released this infographic, and the results are probably worse than you think. (Businesses, take note!)

37 percent of Americans would rather eat year-old fruit cake than have to contact customer service during the holidays (although don’t some folk do that anyway? Because if this is just a choice between eating cake and waiting in line at a customer service desk for half an hour, it should be a no-brainer).

Not surprisingly, 74 percent think customer service is more of a problem at this time of year than any other, with 91 percent believing customer service providers should be better prepared for Christmas. I mean, it does happen every year.

So, in the case where you do have to contact customer service over the holidays, what can you do to make the whole thing less painless?

Well, trying a different channel of communication might be a good place to start. Although phone is generally considered to be the best choice throughout the rest of the year, email, online chat, social media, text and in-person are preferred by 67% of consumers during the holidays.

And it makes sense. Send an email, and you can get on with your day. Call, and you’re likely to be stuck on hold listening to the same Christmas song over and over for an hour.

You know what else? Be nice. Only 20 percent of people feel bad about being rude to customer service agents. They’re overworked – and likely underpaid. It’s not their fault . . . entirely. Yes, waiting sucks, but getting mad won’t make things happen any faster. So ease up. After all, it’s Christmas.

Holiday Service_Infographic_Nov14_2013

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