Here are all the confirmed speakers for Pandoland 2015. It’s going to be ridiculous


st_paul_broken_bones_mg_9989wI couldn’t be more excited at how this year’s Pandoland conference is shaping up.

We just put more tickets on sale, at the early bird price of $ 699 for the full three day event, June 15th-17th 2015. The venue is the same as last year: Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee. (And, yes, that photo above really is of the audience from last year’s event, taken during one of the nighttime music sessions.)

Paul and I are going to Nashville next week to meet with different startups and fixtures on the startup scene and to continue putting together all the logistics of a great show. Meantime, I’ve spent much of January working on the on-stage programming.

Today I’m thrilled to be able to announce more than a dozen new speakers.

We want to bring an insane amount of entrepreneurial talent and investor funds to Nashville this year. So far we have more than two dozen big names committed — with many, many more on the verge of committing. Most exciting to me is that we have several returning speakers, mentors and judges from last year. It’s easy to rope someone into a new event once, but building a destination tech conference that people will travel to attend and speak at two years in a row is no easy feat. We’re incredibly grateful — and humbled — by all the enthusiasm.

In putting together this lineup it was important to me that it reflect the incredible diversity that’s starting to emerge in startup hubs like San Francisco, New York, and LA — and that we’d like to see more of. I don’t just mean diversity in terms of race, gender, or any of the usual areas where tech conferences often struggle — but also diversity of experience, type of startup, and path to success. One thing that unites everyone who comes to Pandoland, either as speakers or attendees, is a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to inspire the next generation.

With so many speakers being announced at all at once, I’ll have to save the lengthier bios for a later post, but everyone on this list is someone for whom I have huge admiration. Any one of them alone is worth making the trip to Nashville in June. But at Pandoland you’ll get to see them all, and many more.

Here is the latest confirmed line-up…

Jose Antonio Vargas, Journalist and Filmmaker

Katia Beauchamp, Co-founder of Birchbox

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook, PayPal

Bryan Goldberg, Founder of Bustle, Co-founder of Bleacher Report

Kirsten Green, Founder of Forerunner Ventures

Jason Hirschhorn, Founder of MediaRedef

Thomas Laffont, Managing Director of Coatue

Logan LaHive, Founder of Belly

Ken Lerer, Chairman of BuzzFeed and partner of Lerer Hippeau Ventures*

Ben Lerer, founder of Thrillist and partner of Lerer Hippeau Ventures*

Ryan Leslie, Musician and entrepreneur

Mike Maples, Managing partner of Floodgate

Melody McCloskey, Co-founder of StyleSeat

Leigh Rawdon, Co-founder of Tea Collection

Bill Ready, CEO of Braintree

Bijan Sabet, General Partner at Spark Capital

Bradford Shellhammer, Founder of Bezar, Co-founder of

Joel Spolsky, CEO Stack Overflow

And returning judges Dr. Paul Judge and Tige Savage of Revolution*

Amazingly, there’s still much more to come. The super-early bird tickets are sold out, but you can get in on the new batch of discounted tickets here.

(*Disclosure: Lerer Ventures and Revolution are investors in Pando.)