Helping Fledgling Entrepreneurs One Burrito at a Time



The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely. Sometimes when you’re working on getting your project off the ground, you can get stuck and just need someone to talk to.

Sometimes the life of a fledgling entrepreneur resembles the life of a starving artist.

This was Dan Gailey’s experience when he moved to the San Francisco Valley. Now that he’s well over the hump, he decided it was time to give back by offering entrepreneurs free burritos.

“It’s kind of a program I wish was available when I moved to the city,” Gailey says. “It’s something I started to offer entrepreneurs a hot meal and someone to talk to.”

According to Gailey the burrito is just a conversation starter. When entrepreneurs request a burrito through his website,, what they are really signing up for is a one-on-one mentoring session of sorts. The meetings start with introductions and getting to know the entrepreneurs. Then he asks the key question: How can I help you?

“If their stuck somewhere, I try to get them past the next step,” he says.

Gailey launched the project about two months ago and has met with a wide range of entrepreneurs, including holding some meetings over Skype even when he couldn’t get the person a burrito. So far, he’s given away close to 100 burritos, only one of which he had to pay for out of pocket. When the owner of the local Mexican restaurant La Cumbre heard about what Gailey was doing, he decided to sponsor the project.

For Gailey, this is also a project to spread good will in the Valley and prove that altruism really can be selfless. He says the benefit for him is simply making the community a better place for entrepreneurs.

“In the Valley here, people always ask ‘what’s in it for you,’” Gailey, adding that this thinking didn’t make sense to him. “Sometimes you can do good things and just be happy that you’ve done something good.”

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