HelloInterview: Meet Rebeca Gómez Polo – Inspiring Blogger, Financial Advisor, and Pinterest Influencer!


Rebeca Gómez Polo, also known as Immer Fudist, is a financial advisor, blogger, and forensic graphologist from Barcelona, Spain. She lives with her fiancé and chihuahua Taquito, the two loves of her life. When she’s not working or pinning, Rebeca can be found at the gym, doing cross stitch, or watching one of her favorites shows; Girls, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, or Dexter. Rebeca’s love for tattoos, her inspiring voice for curvy women, and impeccable unique style has earned her over 416K Pinterest followers!

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Where did you come up with the name Immer Fudist?

Immer means ‘forever’ in german, and Fudist is the combo of ‘für die Sterne’ which means ‘for the stars’. This phrase was my 2nd tattoo and it reminds me of my best friend and our relationship.

Very cool! So when did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I don’t remember when I created my account, but I really started using it 2 years ago. At first, no friends used it and I didn’t see its value, I preferred Tumblr, but once I started seeing how it worked, I found it useful and engaging.

I like the way in which you can select images and save them to specific boards for each subject. It’s a very useful tool to have everything well organized as you like. It reminds me of a cabinet with many drawers with signs that help you remember what you keep in each one.

You have gained over 416K followers! Fantastic! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I still don’t understand how this could happen. I remember last summer I only had 40 followers and it suddenly began to grow overnight. I recognize that I care a lot about the images I pin and I think that what attracts people is the beauty on each one. There are not typical images, you may find from a chihuahua tied up to a heavy group spitting at the camera. It’s a surprising choice that doesn’t leave you indifferent.

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Rebeca’s fiancé tattooing her

Your Pinterest says you’re living in Barcelona. Awesome! What do you like about it there? Have you always lived in Barcelona? If not, where were you born? Where else have you lived?

Barcelona is the city of my life, I love it above all things. I like everything, but if I have to choose on something it would be the sea and the art which permeates in every corner of the city. I work a few meters from the Sagrada Familia… Do you know how great it is to look up and see this monument every day of your life? It’s awesome. I spent a season studying in Dublin, but I’ve always lived here and I hope to do so my whole life.

Have you traveled much? If so, where have you traveled to and when?

I have traveled all that my pocket has allowed me, but I can’t complain. I know all Europe thanks to a trip I made six years ago in a car with some friends. We visited over 15 countries in less than 20 days, it was crazy but I would repeat with my eyes closed. Every year I travel to London for a concert or to buy clothes, so you could say it’s like my second home.

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards! What are your favorite boards to Pin on and why?

I have boards for anything and everything. They range from streetstyle to weddings, but my favorites are definitely the ones for makeup, hair and ink. I like the makeup one because I collect many ideas to do at home by myself. I like experiencing new things with it. The hair board is a bit frustrating because I’d like to change my hairstyle every day, so I’ll settle for daydreaming and looking at those pictures. The tattoo board is the most successful and the one that best defines me, I love tattoos and all of them seem to keep great personal stories.

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Rebeca’s beloved city of Barcelona

Your Curvy is the new black and freak side boards are so cool! Tell us more about them and why you made them.

I created The Curvy is the New Black because I’m a curvy girl who claims that curvy women can be equally or more stylish than women without curves. It’s a matter of attitude and mentality, and every image I upload about a girl with more than a size 14 shows she’s beautiful and full of pride. My Freak Side board is where I keep everything that reminds me of my childhood, it’s a board that shows my Peter Pan side and reminds me that even I’m 30 years old, I’m still a kid.

What is your Pinterest aesthetic / style?

No doubt I would define it as if Wednesday Adams dressed as Alexander McQueen meets Batman and Harry Potter on the back of My Little Pony. I think it’s the best way to define the style of my Pinterest. Hahaha.

Your website We Loversize is really inspirational, tell us more about it!

WeLoversize is my baby, the project in which I work harder than anything and I’ve been working on throughout the last year with Elena. Both of us had separate blogs but in early 2013 we decided to join forces and create an idea that did not exist in Spain: fashion, trends, life and care for curvy women (and not so curvy because it is people of all sizes) from the vision of two plus size friends who want to help anyone overcome all the prejudices of the girls with curves. We focus ourselves on providing our vision of fashion and beauty to girls who don’t feel very safe with their physique. We don’t try to give advice; we just want people who read our website to feel good.

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Rebeca and Taquito

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

My plans are to continue to be as happy as always, and gain success with WeLoversize and all that I have set for this 2014. I’m getting married in September next year and I have many things to prepare, so I’m going to focus all my energy on that and on other new projects that are slowly emerging.

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