Head Back to School with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Powered by Verizon


Head Back to School with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Powered by Verizon

In just a few weeks, my daughter will be heading back to school. Already a young technology evangelist, when it comes to the latest gadgets and devices, my daughter is utilizing technology in so many ways to help her communicate and learn. As parents, we want our children to not only have the best, but also be safe while doing so. If you have opted for your child to have a smartphone, then you know there are tons of choices out there to select from. My daughter has an iPhone 5C as we are an Apple household, but over the summer, she has been using the Samsung Galaxy S5 device which the folk at Verizon so graciously let us use. And I can say with confidence that is a great phone for back to school.

In terms of size, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great device for kids of all ages. For the younger ones, it’s big enough for them to use and feel comfortable using. For the high school and college set, it’s 5.1″ 1080p screen makes good for watching video and looking up information on Google and other sites. If your child doesn’t have a tablet, the Galaxy S5 has awesome screen real estate, so it is a great alternative.

If your student has to take photos for reports and other documents or homework, the Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. With HD 16 MP autofocus and stabilization tools, it takes a fine picture. It also has face and smile detection, and can take photos and video simultaneously.

In terms of applications to help with studying and homework, the pie is the sky when it comes to the Android Market. Just about every app known to man is available for the device and can help with your child’s assignments.

Another plus for students and young users? The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been touted as being waterproof, even when submerged in water. How true this is is being debated on the blogosphere, but it has passed many a test from diehard tech users.

And with the built in Google Chrome browser, you have access to parental controls that you can setup and monitor online via your Google account sign in (or the Google account used to register the phone). I like this because I can see browsing history and other data while I am signed in on my computer. There are also parental controls that can be set up on the device itself.

All-in-all, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a gorgeous device that is durable enough for students of most ages. It’s stylish enough for the young user, and has many bells and whistles that parents love.

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Disclaimer: I was sent this device for my honest review for editorial purposes. This is not a paid nor compensated post, and all opinions expressed above belong to me and are not indicative of the brand and/or companies mentioned.

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