Happy Ending? Heart Transplant for Baby at Center of Controversy Over Rejected Facebook Ad


HudsonBondBoostedPostNotApproved650The story of two-month-old Hudson Azera Bond took a significant step toward a happy ending, as ABC 11 Together reported that he is resting comfortably at Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, N.C., after undergoing a heart transplant Monday.

Yahoo Health reported earlier this month that the infant’s father, North Carolina photographer Kevin Bond, attempted to use Facebook’s boost post advertising feature to raise money for the operation, but Facebook rejected the ad, and the elder bond received the following automated response:

Your ad wasn’t approved because the image or video thumbnail is scary, gory or sensational, and evokes a negative response. Images including accidents, car crashes, dead and dismembered bodies, ghosts, zombie ghouls and vampires are not allowed.

The story gained national attention, and Facebook backtracked and issued an apology, saying in an emailed statement to Yahoo Health:

This was a mistake on our part, and the ad has been reapproved. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused the family.

ABC 11 Together reported that more than $ 130,000 in donations were raised via channels including the Hudson’s Heart Facebook page, and Kevin Bond wrote in a post on the page Tuesday:

Hudson is doing very well. His chest X-ray looks great, no real updates, just starting immunosuppressants and watching the vent and making sure he’s comfy. Tomorrow they’ll try to restart feeds and start working on progress.

Last night I really slept for the first time in two months. my heart made whole by that precious little gift beating strong in Hudson’s chest.

Thank you will never be enough for all you’ve done to support Hudson. He’s got a long way to go, but we can honestly say we would have never gotten this far without you all.