Guess Which Tech Words Are Now In the Collins Dictionary?


Is “crowdsourced” a real word? It is now, thanks to the Collins Dictionary. To help demystify the verbiage of the internet, the publisher asked readers to nominate their favorite words for inclusion on

After a thorough screening of more than 4,400 submissions, the editors have narrowed the selection to 86 words. Here are 29 tech-related words that you may now officially add to your vocabulary list.

Note the capitalization, use of hyphens, and British spellings where appropriate. The finders of these words are credited in brackets.

BBM [from: ugc_frankpr] abbreviation for (1) trademark BlackBerry Messenger: an instant
messaging application for BlackBerry devices ▷ n (2) a message sent or received using
BlackBerry Messenger ▷ vb (3) to send a message using BlackBerry Messenger

bashtag (ˈbæʃˌtæɡ) n [from: ugc_emile_diderot] informal (on the Twitter website) a hashtaɡ that is
used for critical and abusive comments

Bing (bɪŋ) [from: ugc_DarthMengon] n (1) a popular search engine on the internet ▷ vb search for (something on the internet) using Bing

captcha (ˈkæptʃə) n [from: ugc_tiki-taka] a test in which the user of a website is asked to decipher a distorted image, used to protect the website against automated attacks

● ETYMOLOGY C21: acronym for C(ompletely) A(utomated) P(ublic Turing Test to) T(ell) C(omputers and) H(umans) A(part)

crowdfunding (ˈkraʊdˌfʌndɪŋ) n [from: ugc_monkjack] the funding of a project by a large number of
supporters who each contribute a small amount > ˈcrowdˌfund vb

cyberbully (ˈsaɪbəˌbʊlɪ) n pl -lies [from: ugc_chrisia.kellynichols] [from: ugc_parthshah] someone
who uses electronic communication to hurt, persecute or intimidate people > ˈcyberˌbullyinɡ n

cyberstalking (ˈsaɪbəˌstɔːkɪŋ) [from: ugc_collinsdict] n the practice of using electronic communications to harass someone persistently > ˈcyberˌstalker n

data cap n [from: ugc_YasinSoliman] a limit imposed on the amount of data that can be transferred to an electronic device

Facebook (ˈfeɪsˌbʊk) n trademark (1) a popular social networking website ▷ vb (2) (tr; sometimes not capital) to search for (a person’s profile) on the Facebook website (3) [from:ugc_g_atul] (intr; sometimes not capital) to use the Facebook website > ˈFaceˌbooker n

FaceTime n (1) [from: ugc_minijo1] trademark an application for a mobile communications device that enables people to speak to each other while simultaneously observing each other on a video display ▷ vb (usually not capitals) (2) [from: ugc_minijo1] to speak to someone using this application

Generation Z n [from: ugc_Daved] members of the generation of people born since the mid-1990s who are seen as confident users of new technology

hyperconnectivity (ˌhaɪpəˌkɒnɛkˈtɪvɪtɪ) n [from: ugc_rhirji] the use of multiple systems and devices to remain constantly connected to social networks and streams of information

IM abbreviation for (1) [from: ugc_lylesantos] computing instant message (2) computing instant messaging (3) Also: i.m. intramuscular (4) chess International Master

im the internet domain name for Isle of Man

laymanize or laymanise (ˈleɪməˌnaɪz) vb [from: ugc_YasinSoliman] (tr) to simplify (technical information) into a form that can be understood by ordinary people

liveblog (ˈlaɪvˌblɒɡ) [from: ugc_xsonwong] vb (1) to report (an event) in one’s blog as it happens ▷ n (2) a blog in which events are reported as they happen > ˈliveˌblogger n > ˈliveˌblogging n

livestream (ˈlaɪvˌstriːm) [from: ugc_collinsdict] vb (1) to broadcast (an event) on the internet as it happens ▷ n (2) a live broadcast of an event on the internet

lollage (ˈlɒlɪdʒ) [from: ugc_collinsdict] n slang (1) the practice of using the text messaging abbreviation LOL (2) laughter


lolz (lɒlz) pl n [from: ugc_goutamshanbhag] slang; a variant spellinɡ of lulz

Mac2 (mæk) n [from: ugc_YasinSoliman] informal a Macintosh personal computer

photobomb (ˈfəʊtəʊˌbɒm) vb [from: ugc_collinsdict] informal to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject’s knowledge

SMS abbreviation for short message service: a system used for sending text messages to and from mobile phones

telecon (ˈtɛlɪˌkɒn) n [from: ugc_Madhusudhanarao] ; short for teleconference

touch-ready [from: ugc_tiki-taka] adj (of software) ready to work on touch-screen computers and devices

tweetup (ˈtwiːtˌʌp) n [from: ugc_parthshah] slang a meeting at which poeple who communicate with each other via the social networking site Twitter meet face to face

Twitterer (ˈtwɪtərə) n [from: ugc_Daved] a person who posts messages on the Twitter website

Twittersphere (ˈtwɪtəˌsfɪə) n [from: ugc_honeybee] slang; another name for the Twitterverse

● ETYMOLOGY C21: from Twitter + -SPHERE ; compare

webapp (ˈwɛbˌæp) [from: ugc_samspade79] n an application program that is accessed on the internet

webliography (ˌwɛblɪˈɒɡrəfɪ) n pl -phies [from: ugc_viswanathns] a list of items published on the internet, esp one indicating sources used in the preparation of a book or academic paper

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