Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook


A problem many small and medium sized businesses face today is how to grow their email list. Email continues to be a viable way to reach and nurture interested parties so that they ultimately move to become a paying customer.

The question is, how can you grow your list to add more potential customers to it?

One way businesses have attempted to tackle this is with a email sign-up tab on their Facebook Page. This does offer an additional method or place for users to sign-up.
Many businesses have added the basic free tab to their Facebook Page that email marketing services like Constant Contact and others offer.

The problem with these tabs is that the standard version is, well….. blah.

Are you motivated to sign-up when you see this?

Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook image constant contact basic email sign up

How attractive and motivating is this tab above to you? Are you inspired to join?

I can’t speak for you but I’m surely not attracted and motivated to sign-up when shown something like this.

There is a solution!
INCENTIVIZED Email Sign-up Tabs on Facebook

To increase the percentage of users that will sign-up, use an incentive!

By offering something of value, such as a coupon, discount, or free offer this acts as a motivator that increases the desire for fans to opt-in.

Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook image a479capstone sign uup

Basically, you give a little, to get
something of value in return!

The incentive acts as the conduit to pave the way for the person to give you their email address.

Once on the list, you can then nurture them so they learn more about your business, learn to trust your company, and ultimately make a purchase and become a customer.

List-Building Facebook Promotion Examples

Facebook promotions offer marketers a powerful way to boost engagement and extend the reach of their Facebook Page. There are numerous types of Facebook promotions that can be run on Pages. Below we’ll outline a number of examples of ways a Facebook promotion can be used to grow your email list.

#1: Sweepstakes Facebook Promotion that Builds Email List

A sweepstakes is a chance-based promotion that can be hosted on a Facebook Page tab and typically has users complete a simple form to enter. After a set date, winners are then drawn randomly from all entries.

With the form for entering the sweepstakes, those setting up the promotion can outline in the terms that submitting their email address also is their agreement to opt-in to the associated email list. Users must click the box to accept the terms to enter.

Below is an example of sweepstakes apps that could be used as part of a Facebook engagement strategy and email list-builder.

Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook image 2www facebook com SanDiegoFilmFestival app 346320622094749

#2: Facebook Deal Offer App

Another Facebook promotion that can be used to engage Facebook fans and their friends as part of an email list-building strategy is a deal, coupon, or offer promotion. With a deal tab, users typically must complete a basic action to get the offer and part of the process is a form to input their email address.

Users are incentivized by the offer and are willing to complete to enter.

The opt-in would either need to be outlined with a checkbox to agree in the terms or upon submission an opt-in email could be sent for the user to agree to. Best practice is always to make this clear up front to ensure the greatest opt-in percentage.

Below is an example of a deal offer that is being used as part of a Facebook engagement strategy.

Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook image ww facebook com dollywood app 317355118338012

#3: Facebook Photo Contests for Email List Building

Contests come in all variations from photo, caption, essay or video submission contests. Each offers a great opportunity to draw entrants and voters to a Facebook Page.

A contest can also be a great way to build your email list! The key is to make sure you know and focus on your primary goal. Since the primary goal of a Facebook contest typically will be engagement and expanding Page reach, the email opt-in should simply be a natural part of the entry process and not something that draws undue attention to itself.

A helpful way to incorporate email opt-in as part of a Facebook contest is to include information about the email list in the terms of the contest. Facebook fans then enter the contest and receive a follow-up opt-in email from your business inviting them to confirm being added to the email list.

Facebook photo contest entries can be part of an email opt-in strategy as you build your list by those entering the contest.

Growing Email Lists With Incentives on Facebook image 2www facebook com semperviva app 341908712540542

So there you have it!

It is possible to grow your email list in a way that also boosts your social engagement at the same time.

By thinking through the possibilities of your offer, you can make the email list-building flow seamlessly with it.

Thoughts on this? What are you going to try?

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