Groupon Shows Merchants the Money With Deals Profits Reporting


deals, social networks, social media, local searchFor the first time, Groupon is showing the small businesses that sponsor its deals how much money the offers make for them.

The company began serving up a Merchant Impact Report in its Merchant Center today after a beta trial with more than 1,000 merchants.

The information hub tells merchants how many people saw their deal and how many purchased it. It also tells merchants whether those who bought the deal had were returning or new customers. Most importantly, it features a calculator that lets merchants calculate how much they spent on the deal, what their profits were and when they can expect Groupon to pay them.

Groupon has long had trouble persuading merchants of the value of its services.

“The Merchant Impact Report was created as a result of our merchants’ feedback and is designed to provide a clear, concise view into the effectiveness of their Groupon promotions. Until today only the largest companies had access to this kind of information, and now we’re providing these powerful analytics to every local business that works with Groupon,” said Amit Koren, director of merchant products at Groupon.

According to Groupon the dashboard does not build on the CommerceInterface technology it acquired in December.

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