Government Shutdown: No Food Inspections for KFC Chicken Cup


It’s day two of the government shutdown, so let the jokes commence. Among the national monuments and parks which will remain closed until the legislators get their act together, the FCC was also forced to close its doors. Last night Conan joked about an “all nude” show but the conservative fear of television anarchy is about as ridiculous as thinking the shutdown means no more taxes, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Unfortunately, the shutdown also means no more panda cam at the national zoo and the FDA food inspection program is suspended as well. At least NASA was able to find an ingredient in plastic on one of Saturn’s moons before the shutdown. Check out CNN’s chart of what’s open and what’s closed for more information.

Amid the government shutdown hysteria, Conan found time to talk about the new KFC fried chicken container that fits into a cup holder. What he didn’t mention was the reusable sides containers, which some say are a big win for the company brand.

There are also reports of Google Glass sparking the wearable tech trend. According to The Ledger, analysts are projecting a boom in the wearable tech industry to the tune of $ 39 billion by 2018.

If you want a break from the shutdown craziness, check out today’s social media newsfeed for the latest on Facebook’s mobile ads and QR codes for Google Drive.

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