Google Will Release Its Own Phone in 2013


social networks, social networking, social mediaGoogle will leverage its acquisition of Motorola to build a sophisticated phone it hopes can compete with the iPhone, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The phone is known internally as the X Phone and will be released sometime next year, according to the report. Google hopes to boost the quality of the Motorola handset while paring down the number of devices it makes.

Google is “investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches,” Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside told the Journal.

The company has had trouble monetizing its Android mobile OS in the open marketplace that depends on device manufacturers to implement updates quickly. Carriers also often want to customize the operating system to accommodate their own branding, which leaves Google with a less unified marketplace and a weaker brand position than Apple.

Google has tried selling Google-branded prototype devices to run its software in the past, but has generally allowed third-party manufacturers to make them.

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