Google+ Update Allows Post Editing and Page Administration


Google, Google+, Android, mobile apps, social networksGoogle released updated Google+ apps for iOS and Android apps last week. Both updates allow users to manage their Pages from mobile devices. The Android update replaces the “Circles” tab with “Find people,” which provides the user with suggested friends to add. The iOS app makes it possible for users to edit published posts.

Page administration was the most requested feature, according to Google. But users have already begun to express frustration that, in order to manage a page, they must log out and log back in using the administrator profile.

Update: Analyst Alan Lepofsky, with Constellation Research, said he wasn’t aware of the page administration quirk but that “Google is clearly focused on making mobile a first class citizen in their portfolio…Some features seem to actually be better on mobile than on the web; for example the Google+ iPad app’s user interface is more magazine like than the web UI, which is still just a stream.”

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