Google Toolbar PageRank Has Just Been Updated [December 2013 Update]


I spotted a twitter update from Chris Dyson a few minutes back where he reported that he had noticed a new PageRank update. I instantly looked at plenty of websites to check if there was indeed a fresh update and I can be certain that there is actually a new PageRank update without a doubt. The previous update was very long ago in February 2013, and we also saw Google’s Matt Cutts suggesting the fact that the “pipeline” that provides PageRank data to Google’s own toolbar fell apart following the last update and that there won’t most likely be one more update this year, which is now found to be incorrect. If you aren’t already aware of PageRank, it’s just a grade designated to specific pages within a logarithmic scale between 0 & 10 depending on the value (how strong they really are) and amount (how many links) of their total backlinks.

Just about all pages on TechTage that showed up after the last PageRank revision which had a PR n/a are now in possession of distinct PR figures. Astonishingly enough, my personal site, that I started in past June went right into being a PR5 site straight from PR n/a. This really is confusing, since TechTage visibly has 20x more link power behind it, but still its PR grade remains 3.

A few of the other sites and pages I am aware of that got their toolbar PRs refreshed:

  • The Wikipedia page on PageRank was PR6 prior to the update. Now it is PR7.
  • Brian Dean’s SEO and link-building blog Backlinko, that had a PR of 1 earlier, is currently displaying a PR of 5.
  • My last post on SearchEngineJournal on Google Authorship is presently PR0 from PR n/a. Eventhough it is somewhat unlikely for it being PR0 as a quick investigation with Ahrefs shows that there are actually 136 referring domain names to that particular post.

Something that could possibly be the case is that this new PageRank data is currently still getting sent into the toolbar, so perhaps we’ll see a lot more updates on more sites after a while. But however, after a quick look at a few popular pages, it seems to me that Google decided not to count disavowed links in this newest PR update.

For instance, this case study by Charles Floate presently has just PR1. Should you think about the fact that Charles elevated the page with a huge number of backlinks implementing black hat strategies, and then he later on disavowed nearly all of those links as soon as the case study ended, you will get my point. So, it looks like what Matt explained regarding disavowed links behaving sort of same as nofollow’ed links is accurate.

So, did you notice a change in your site’s PageRank?

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