Google Maps Your Indoor Shopping Trip


Google reminded users this week that its growing collection of indoor maps will be available to shoppers this holiday season. Basically, the directory kiosk inside the mall is now a built-in feature of Google Maps — all you have to do is download the update.

The maps work in places you’ve definitely gotten lost before, like the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and the Mall of America. But even if your holidays do not involve the Midwest, you can still find your way around retail chains like Best Buy, Ikea, and Petsmart in strip malls around the country.

While there does not appear to be an indoor equivalent of “street view” — Google isn’t that creepy – Google Maps will show you the basic layout of stores, museums, and airport terminals.

Inside the department stores, you’ll be able to dodge the perfume counters, head for the casual wear and find the nearest dressing room with the help of your Android. (You are the blue dot with the circle around it.)

Did we mention that Google Maps does the same thing for indoor destinations in other countries? Canada, the UK, Japan, Denmark…the list goes on.

There’s also a form you can fill out if you’d like to include the floorplans for your store or other building on Google Maps.

Wrote Google product manager Cedric Dupont, “We hope these indoor maps make finding your way in and around retail stores easier, less stressful and more efficient this holiday season.”

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