Google+ is Changing, but How Will it Change Your Business?


changes to google plus bodyIt’s no secret that as underutilized as it is in the social media world, Google+ has been a powerhouse for search engine optimization. From personalized search results to improving organic reach, the Google+ platform has been a go to source to start building SEO for businesses.

Google+’s number one spot might change as a result of an upcoming platform reorganization.

Communication, photos, and streams: those are the three areas Google+ developed under the hood of their social media platform. According to recent statements made by Google VP Bradley Horowitz, the tech giant will be focusing and developing these areas individually as opposed to cramming them all into one service.

This move makes sense, seeing as social media has been distilled to two major features: messaging and photos. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp is a clear indication of this trend.

Google+ has already been a favorite of photo junkies, thanks to its large offering of storage space, as well as quick and easy editing tools that let you share images on the fly. Google Hangouts has also been a major boon for communication between individuals, businesses and online seminars. Strengthening these two core facets is a logical progression.

That leaves streams out in the cold. It isn’t entirely clear how Google plans to change sharing content and participating in communities, or its effect on SEO, but a shift in focus away from sharing random links and statuses means Google+ is optimizing itself for current trends. Whether this means Google+ will take on a corkboard approach for photos like Pinterest, or put a focus on communication within communities has yet to be seen.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on these upcoming changes that are rolling out and how they affect SEO ranking. In the meanwhile, keep building those circles, engaging in communities, and sharing photos!

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