Google Glass Spreecast: Sharing Everything You Wanted To Know


Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.45.39 AMInterested in Google Glass? Mitch Jackson, Cecilia Abadie, and several other Glass Explorers (that’s “product testers” to us normal people) are running a Google Glass Spreecast to chat about the technology and share their experiences using Glass in everyday life.

The Spreecast starts today, at 1pm PST, and you can RSVP here, or do it directly from the Spreecast on this link.

Anyone can join the chat, and you can always just watch if you don’t want to say anything. But, if you have any questions about the technology, now is a good time to ask them.

And you must have questions. I know I do. Like, what happens if they get wet? What are the drawbacks? Will Glass understand you if you’ve got a mouthful of lasagna? Can they get viruses? If you fall asleep wearing them, and then roll over in the night, will they still work the next morning?

If you can’t make the Spreecast, that’s okay — you can watch a recording of it once its over.

It might seem strange that they’re running this on Spreecast and not on Google+ Hangouts, but then, it kind of makes sense, too.

Only ten people can be on camera at once in a Hangout — everyone else is just watching — and Spreecast is much more interactive. Any user can request to go on camera and ask questions to the other participants, and the room fits 10,000 people.

And you don’t need a Google+ account to use Spreecast, either, which opens the discussion up to everyone — even those who aren’t Google fans (although this video chat may convert them).

So, if you’d like to find out more about Google Glass — or are just having a slow Friday afternoon at work — join the Google Glass Spreecast and learn something new.

In the mean time, watch this video. It’ll answer all your basic questions, so you can ask something interesting later on.

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