Google Glass Prescription Eyewear Photos Leak Online




Wearers of traditional eyeglasses got an early holiday treat this week when a Google employee leaked photos of what appear to be the prescription version of Google Glass

Reportedly posted on the Google+ page of Brian Matiash, community manager for Google+ Photos, on Thursday, the images showing the modified version of Glass were quickly removed without explanationPhandroid managed to capture the photos before they were taken down

The new version of the wearable computing device (not pictured above) looks a lot like the current version, except it does away with the steel band completely, allowing the wearer to place their traditional eyeglasses in what appears to be a cradle within the body of Google Glass. It’s unclear whether or not the cradle shown in the photos could house any pair of traditional eyeglasses; however, such a design seems unlikely given that eyeglass arms vary in width, and may not fit into the cradle. Read more…

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