Google apparently scrubs military contractor partner listing, after Pando report


google-in-bed-w-mercenaries-n-militaryOn Wednesday, I wrote about Google partnering up with various military contractors, private intelligence firms and scary mercenary outfits to hard-sell Google apps to the military-industrial complex.

Later that day, I noticed a strange thing: The official Google “Enterprise Government” webpage that had listed some of the company’s military contractor partners no longer loaded.

The page worked just fine less than a week ago, but now all it shows is some text up top telling government agencies to ditch their dinosaur IT services and get with Google — ”Help your agency move fast and innovate”! — and then nothing but empty white space.

Here’s how the page looked last week:

Here’s how it looks now (as you can see, the three columns listing Google’s private government contractor partners — including mega-NSA contractor SAIC and Blackwater-connected merc outfit Blackbird Technologies — are nowhere to be found):

I’ve asked several people to access the page from different parts of the United States and they all come back with the same answer: the page framework partially loads, but all the information is missing.

It appears to be the only Google Enterprise page that does not load. I’ve looked around, but could not find this missing list of contractors displayed anywhere else on the Google Enterprise website.

So what’s up?

Is this just a glitch? Or did Google realize it was disclosing a bit too much info about its military contractor partners? Pando reached out to Google for an explanation (~2 hours ago), and we’ll update the story as soon as we find out more.

Meanwhile, you can read the original story here: Google distances itself from the Pentagon, stays in bed with mercenaries and intelligence contractors

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]