Giveaway: iPod Shuffle and $15 iTunes Gift Card for Workplace Wellness


Giveaway iPod Shuffle and $  15 iTunes Gift Card for Workplace Wellness

What do you do at work during your lunch break?

When I was working in Corporate America, I often walked around the building (if it was nice outside) with my iPod tucked in my purse, listening to tunes during lunchtime. It was a way for me to decompress and de-stress while at work, and since I am such a music fan, made me look forward to lunch for more than one reason. Stepping away from your desk during lunch instead of eating at it while trying not to work is a better way to spend your lunch break. And it is healthier, too.

Around these parts, I am all about Workplace Wellness. I not only want to give you tools and information that can help you in your career endeavors, but I want you to be healthy while doing so. In order to promote Workplace Wellness, I am giving away an Apple iPod Shuffle along with a $ 15 iTunes gift card so you can enjoy some time away from your desk while hopefully being active.

With a iPod Shuffle, you can pin it to your clothing and listen to whatever you want while moving around. Walk the stairs, parking lot, or just take in the grounds. You can listen to music or an audiobook. It doesn’t matter as long as you are moving and grooving.

The iPod Shuffle will be one of the colors seen above and will be shipped directly from a retailer. The $ 15 iTunes gift card may be sent to the winner separately. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada only, void where prohibited.

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