Getting Social with the Fashion World


The dream of striking it big in the fashion industry calls to many a creative mind.

Choosing the career may not be the tough part, however, the hardest part may be choosing the school. How do you narrow down the fashion school that can offer you the best education, enhance your credentials and prepare you for your dream? You’ve got great cities and campuses to choose from, big and small, and though you may find many similarities, every school will have their own personality and advantages that call to you.

One way to find the best school fit for you is to hop on social media.

With a cutting edge field like fashion, social media is a smart place to shop the schools before deciding on one.

Fashioning a Social Presence

Reputable fashion schools should have well run social media.

For instance, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York maintains current social media through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr Photostream and YouTube. On the Facebook page, prospective students can find information pertaining to admissions, financial aid, student services and anything else that can help in the decision making process.

Not only should you be able to find out about the admissions process on a school’s social media network, but also individual departments and groups often have their own independent social media network.

FIT has pages ranging from a Facebook page on FIT in Italy to a YouTube site on the FIT Graduating Student Fashion Show to a Twitter feed managed by the School of Art and Design.

official Facebook page for the Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion School Blogs

Blogs are a valuable way to gain insight to a fashion school as well.

If you’re interested, check out as many blogs as you can find written by members (teachers, staff, students, alumni) of the institute.

Reading classroom blogs is a great way to see what a current class entails, projects, timelines, group work, the rapport between students and teachers, and you can learn a bit of the teacher’s personality and style which can have an impact on your decision making.

Go Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Sure, many people think of Facebook and Twitter immediately, but don’t overlook other social media like LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Regardless of how different these two sites are, they both can be quite valuable in the search for the right school.

Taking a look at LinkedIn can give you an idea of faculty credentials, and you can also follow some successful alumni on LinkedIn to see how they are using their degree. If you have an upcoming interview and you know the name of who it will be with, check out the LinkedIn page. You never know what connections you may share to help out in that interview.

Pinterest can give you more of a visual insight, and especially dealing with an artistic field like fashion, the visual end will important.

A great example of this is the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in California. Along with other social media pages, its Pinterest boards showcase the campuses, students working on projects, runway designs, different majors and partnerships, plus much more. Pinterest Board

The great thing about social media to remember is that it’s interactive.

No, you don’t want to be a social media stalker while trying to get into your dream fashion school, but use it to your benefit smartly. You can chime in on some of the discussions, especially if they center on prospective students and application processes. You can find people currently in the area/school you are interested in and contact them.

Though you do need to be careful about overplaying the social media card, it is a venue to reach out and seek answers. It’s easy to contact admissions or individual schools, even alumni in this manner, and most people love hearing from interested students in this way.

If you are reaching out via social media, keep it professional and don’t get too chummy there. Remember you are still an applicant and you don’t want to overstep boundaries.

It can be a tough decision, so do the research when narrowing down your dream fashion school. Use social media, and in this day and age, it may be a red flag if you can’t find any social media from a particular school.

You never know what you may uncover, and it may just the thing you’re looking for to choose the right school.

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Heather Legg is a writer who covers a variety of topics, including social media, small businesses and business administration degree jobs.