GetGlue Wants You To Collect, Not Hoard, Your Stickers


At today’s SocialTV Summit in New York City, we chatted with GetGlue exec Sean Besser about what makes the service stick on the second screen.

Quite literally, it’s stickers. GetGlue makes both widgets and tangible stickers for viewers to collect. Similar to athletes on a baseball card, these stickers commemorate special events and show characters from shows like AMC’s “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

“I was a GetGlue user and sticker fan long before I joined the company,” said Besser. The collectibles were a favorite at ComicCon this year, he said, and are still a hot item on eBay.

With stickers, GetGlue is leveraging the age-old pastime of collecting things to connect with a particular show’s most loyal fans. Besser pointed out that most people aren’t going to bother with the stickers unless they’re really into the series. “Otherwise, they’re hoarders,” he quipped.

Speaking of which, GetGlue actually turned down the opportunity to make a sticker for the A&E reality series ”Hoarders” just on principle. “We don’t want to be encouraging hoarders to be hoarding more,” Besser said.

Part TV guide, part recommendation engine, part check-in service, part fan club, GetGlue wants to be the number one place people go to discover new shows and talk about what they’re watching with like-minded people as well as friends.

(Between 75 and 85 percent of GetGlue’s members connect through Facebook, but it’s not mandatory.)

In the month of September, 14 out of 15 scripted shows saw more activity on GetGlue than on Twitter, according to an independent study commissioned by the company.

Today GetGlue just rolled out some new social features for its homepage, like enhanced user profiles, activity feeds that show what your friends are up to, and the ability to tag friends in a post.

But GetGlue does not hoard its activity. In addition to working with the networks, the service also works with aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and operators like DirectTV to socialize the experience of watching television.

While the company focuses on making “GetGlue a more amazing destination,” said Besser, revenue is on the back-burner. ”We’re lucky to have investors that are okay with this.”







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