This slick and urban establishment is one of our favourites and I can’t wait to let you know more about it! Keep reading to find out why The Joint is the place you should go to on a weeknight.

 In three words: Urban, Relaxed, Slick

The Lowdown: Sometimes you want to eat steak in a restaurant where the cutlery in silver, the snowy napkins are pressed, and there’s a waiter hovering at every turn to pour you a top up of Malbec. And then sometimes you just want a ginormous chunk of meat to grab with both hands, stuffing it into your face with gusto and only pausing to grab another fistful of paper towels, mopping up the remnants of that oh-so-tasty sticky sauce.

For those of you with a hankering for some delicious BBQ in a chilled environment where there’s no need to stand on ceremony, look no further than The Joint. Originally a pop-up in that culinary melting-pot that is Brixton, the combination of top chef with talented baker proved too good to contain. Now a second location has opened – and carnivores the country over are growling in delight.

Hot Wings

Location: Marylebone doesn’t spring to mind as the first place to set up a finger-lickin’ rib joint, but actually The Joint could well be what the area has been calling out for.

The Occasion: Whether dropping in for a informal lunch, or looking for somewhere that’s going to provide a buzzing evening, then The Joint is livening up New Cavendish Street no end. Just make sure you arrive hungry…

Decor: With the high ceilings, wooden bench-tables, and gorgeous, vibrant peacock murals on the wall, then there’s a definite contemporary, deign-ish feeling to the place. We appreciated the addition of deep metal trays in the centre of each bench that were perfect for discarding bones, napkins and paper plates.

Atmosphere: Funky music, unfussy furnishings and friendly staff make this a place to sit, relax and enjoy yourself. While some BBQ places try to channel the night-club vibe with neon and low-lighting, The Joint has gone for a much airier, open approach that makes catching up with friends a pleasure.

Culinary Concept: The concise menu showcases the best in tender BBQ meats, teamed with homemade breadbuns and American sides. Since one half of the founding duo is a baker, the brioche buns are fresh as can be, and snacks like the Chicken Wings and Riblets are delivered wrapped up in paper parcels, delivered stork-like by our waiters. This is great food, back to the basics.

Interior 1

What we tried:

The sides are a success in themselves, and arrived like much-anticipated presents wrapped up in grease proof paper with handwritten labels. The Hot Wings weren’t those scrawny little excuses that some lesser-restaurants have led us to expect – they were plump and slathered in piquant sauce, with just enough crunch of crispy, sticky skin. BBQ riblets were deliciously moreish and had us licking the juice from our fingers, while sweetcorn dusted with paprika gave another authentic touch.

The outstanding main courses were decidedly the Asian Bun and the Baby Back Ribs. The former was a tower of succulent pulled pork given an oriental makeover with ginger, spring onion and just enough chilli to leave a tingle of heat. The juice of the 16 hour slow cooked pulled pork was just enough to hold the lot together without causing structural support to the deliciously soft brioche (a fate many seasoned BBQ eaters will know well), while the side of slaw added a great crunch. As for the ribs – they were plump with meat, had an almost treacle light stickiness and were slathered in enough coating to satisfy any sauce—o-holic.

Burger & Onion Rings

For next time: We were too tempted by the pork to try the slow cooked shredded chicken, but will definitely be returning to see if it’s as good as its piggy counterpart.

Veggie delights: In reality you don’t come to The Joint for vegetables. It’s named after a piece of meat.. go figure!

Best of the booze: There is an absolutely delicious cocktail list that HAS to be tried, and had us all swooning before the meat had even arrived. Enter the Figgy Old Fashioned – the classic drink with an addition of rich, fig sweetness. It was amber and swirled around in our rocks glass and was dimly liquid heaven. The PepperTown (using pink grapefruit juice) was just sour enough with an edge of heat from ground pepper and a final mandarin sweetness, while for something really refreshing we recommend the Scotch Tommy’s.

Overall: London has not halted in its love affair with all things pulled and meaty – and with quality places like The Joint bringing authentic BBQ to fans then why should it? With an open-plan, relaxed dining area and a more intimate cocktail bar downstairs, then we can imagine The Joint being a favourite with locals, as well as a destination spot for anyone wanting to appease their Pit-pangs with an exceptional dining experience.

19 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 9TZ
+44 (0) 20 7486 3059


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