Get More Email Subscribers: Run a Social Media Contest


Get More Email Subscribers: Run a Social Media Contest

Email is the easiest, quickest way to get more sales.

What’s an easy, quick way to gather more email address via social media?

Run a social media contest!

Why use email?

Email is an extremely cost effective way to grow sales. According to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2014, revenue from email is up 28% over 1 year ago.

Email subscribers don’t have to drive to the mall to find your product or service. Emails are delivered directly to their inbox, where they can shop in their PJ’s or in line at the movies.

Have a new product? Send out an email. Your business is in the news? Send out an email. Anytime you want to educate customers, send out an email.

Your email subscribers have requested your marketing info. They are prequalified and targeted. No ad will give you the same ROI.

Do you have enough email subscribers?

You’ve added a lead funnel to your website, and your visitors are subscribing to receive your blog posts in their inbox. You’re regularly sending out educational and promotional emails.

But you want more. More leads! More sales! How do you add subscribers to your email list? Try a contest on social media.

How to run Facebook Contest to grow your email list

Facebook broadens your reach and interaction with people outside your immediate network. That’s why most businesses have a Facebook page. Additionally, they’re a great way to run contests and keep people engaged with your brand.

How will you gather email addresses during your Facebook contest? Many companies specialize in contest tabs/app that allow contest entries upon submission of an email address. Here are 3 of my favorites:

  • TabSite has a wide range of contest apps—from essays and sweepstakes to Instagram video and pictures.
  • ShortStack provides a do-it-yourself solution for contests, sweepstakes, and promotions to optimize advertising campaigns.
  • Antavo has a Presi contest and an audio contest along with their sweepstakes and deal apps.

Ideally, the app should integrate with your 3rd party email service. TabSite and ShortStack integrate with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Infusionsoft, and Salesforce. Antavo integrates with Mad Mimi and Benchmark also.

Decide what type of contest you want to run to gather email addresses.

  • Photo Contest – You can require the entrants to submit using their email address. You can also have voters submit their email addresses. Photo contests are awesome for pet and kid related businesses, and restaurants to name a few.
  • Sweepstakes – Entries for a single large prize are traded for email addresses and social media shares.
  • Give-a-ways – While not a traditional contest this is a valuable prize in exchange for an email address.

Choose a contest theme. Holidays are always a great theme for contests. A pet costume photo contest is perfect for Halloween. Maybe an essay contest for Mother’s Day with a spa treatment as the prize.

If you’re a local business, consider teaming up with other businesses in your geographic area for a community-based contest. This exposes you to more people–and potentially more clients or visitors.

Consider increasing the odds of winning by giving additional entries to people who share the contest on email, Facebook, and Twitter. This will give your contest a viral effect and engage participants far beyond your own network.

Next you’ll need a prize. Keep your market targeted by giving away your own product or services if possible. For example, Glee Gum, in exchange for an email address sent the subscriber their newest gum flavor. They received 6,800 new email address in the first hour of the giveaway!

Give away a prize with a perceived value. If you’re a boutique dog food manufacturer, consider giving away a dog bed full of food rather that just a bag of food.

Consider giving away multiple prizes to encourage entries. The dog food manufacturer may want to give away 3 dog beds full of their dog food. People think they stand a better chance of winning multiple, lower-value prizes than 1 high value prize.

Wrapping it up

A Facebook contest is a valuable tool to increase email subscribers.

Using a Facebook app service like TabSite or StortStack, it’s easy to create and run a contest.

Decide on the type and theme of contest you’ll run.

Choose a prize that appeals to your target market and blends well with your brand ord product.

Have fun with your contest. Remember you’re not just building your email list you’re building exposure for your product and business.

Have you run a contest to grow your email list? Share your results in the comments below.

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