Get connected! (To your Google+ and Facebook Pages)


New connections to your Storify profile allow you to use Google Authorship and display your brand’s Facebook Page.

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Fri, Aug 30 2013 13:55:46

At Storify, we always have our ears (and APIs) open to new developments and feedback. After hearing about Google’s “Authorship” information and the need for brands to connect their Facebook Pages to Storify recently, we got to work bringing both of these to the service. Check ’em out!

Google Authorship

Have you ever seen results like these pop up when doing a Google search?
Google Authorship ·
These info-rich results are what you get if you use “Google Authorship,” Google’s way to connecting you to any content you’re contributing (or “authoring”) on the web.
If you have a Google+ profile, you can now have your author info show up for Storify content you’ve created! Here’s how:
Step 1: Connect your Google+ account in Settings
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Add Contributor ·
• In the “Contributor to” area, click “Add custom link”
• In the “Label” field, type “Storify”
• In the “URL” field, type your Storify profile URL
Step 3: Wait for Google to process your connection
It can take up to 24 hours for Google to recognize your contributor connection and change its search results. When it does, your Google Authorship information will be associated with your Storify stories!
Authorship Example ·
Google Authorship connection is available today and free for all Storify accounts. 

Connect Facebook Pages to your Storify profile

With the launch of Storify Business this year, we’ve seen a massive amount of brands, businesses and PR agencies using Storify in new ways.
One bit of feedback we got right away was that they’d like to customize their Storify profile by linking the brand’s Facebook Page to is (and be able to share Storify content to the page directly). Now any Storify Business account can do this by following these steps:
Step 1: Connect your personal Facebook account in Settings
Connect Facebook ·
Note: If you already had your personal Facebook account connected, you will need to unlink and reconnect it to use this.

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