Gannett Digital Ad Unit PointRoll Is Now a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer


PMD650Facebook welcomed a new Preferred Marketing Developer: PointRoll, a Gannett digital advertising unit, which now sports the social network’s PMD badge for applications.

PointRoll debuted rich media page post link ads on Facebook last November, with help from Gannett sibling BLiNQ Media.

The entry for PointRoll in Facebook’s PMD Center reads:

What if, realized daily: Since 2001, PointRoll, a Gannett company, has transformed the way advertisers, agencies and publishers create, manage and deliver the most effective digital advertising. Today, PointRoll provides advertising innovations across the many screens of video, mobile, desktop and social, while offering a unique creative perspective. With core technology in both multiscreen delivery and data driven creative and an industry leading dynamic creative optimization offering, PointRoll enables advertisers to effectively connect and convert consumers through highly engaging and relevant ad experiences.

Independent agency 22squared is a PointRoll client, and its executive vice president and director of earned and emerging media, Chris Tuff, said in an email to AllFacebook:

PointRoll’s work with Facebook leverages just one facet of its sophisticated, multiscreen platform. PointRoll brings the same creative flexibility and integrated reporting to social media that it has long brought to every other channel. Being a PMD makes PointRoll an even more powerful partner when it comes to producing the most relevant and engaging creative — now specifically tuned for digital and social media. We look forward to working with PointRoll even more closely in the months to come.