Friendthem: Facebook Friend Requests On A Plane


FriendthemiPhone650Social networking connectivity tool Friendthem will extend its reach into the skies in April, when it will add an “airplane mode” button to its iOS and Android applications, allowing Friendthem users on the same flights to easily exchange connection requests for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Connection requests can only be exchanged between Friendthem users, so travelers need not worry about receiving random friend requests while on board their aircraft. The new feature is likely geared toward enabling passengers who strike up in-flight conversations to exchange invitations, rather than attempting to befriend the attractive passenger two rows away, but, hey, anything’s possible.

Friendthem said in an email to AllFacebook:

This airplane mode button will be added to the already existing smartphone tool. By clicking it once they are airborne, any Friendthem user will be able to identify all other airplane mode users and instantly and accurately send them a connection request for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Since Friendthem is platform-agnostic, the network options will be growing with time. Upon acceptance of the request by the other user, these two new connections can then interact on those platforms as they normally would. This is not limited to only business use, either. Teen summer groups can connect with each other and other teen tourists flying to their adventures around the world, meet people going to the same destination for travel and leisure, and, yes, connect with valuable business contacts or conference attendees.

Friendthem’s goal is to break down the connectivity barriers currently facing the social networking world. The app is free to download and can even be branded by other airlines who also want to offer this service to their passengers without limitations.

Readers: Does the upcoming airplane mode feature from Friendthem seem useful, a little creepy, or both?