Friday Morning Laughs — ‘Bad’ Mario Messes With People in the Real World


It’s Friday! You made it and deserve a break. If you’re in need of a good belly laugh, our video picks this week will make you laugh and/or amaze you. Enjoy!

Super ‘Bad’ Mario challenges people in real life

We all love Mario, and as a follow up to one of our picks from last week, we decided to stick with that 80s vibe. This will undoubtedly make you LOL. (While the video is four months old and had less than 2,000 views as of Thursday morning, it has literally exploded.)

80s cartoon characters: Where are they now?

Remember sexpot Jessica Rabbit from that classic ‘toon/human movie Who Killed Roger Rabbit? Well, Jess has let herself go, and, apparently, acquired a British accent.

Music Mashup

This is not so much funny as it is amazing. Some dude created a song using nothing but YouTube video clips of amateur musicians. Crazy good.

Tiny Hamster vs. Kobayashi

If you thought hotdog champion Kobayashi could eat fast, he’s got nothing on a teeny, tiny hamster. Adorable.

Jimmy Kimmel makes up fashion brands, punks fashionistas

Oh, people have a need to be “in the know,” even when they’re not. Jimmy Kimmel made up fake designer names and then questioned fashion show-goers during New York’s recent Fashion Week. Chandler Bing and Betsy Ross are HUGE right now.

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