Forbes and rFactr Team Up To Launch Social Sales System Forbes Socialport


Leveraging social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to engage potential customers early in the buying cycle has become a popular strategy for b2b sales organizations nowadays.

In order to aid them in this process, here comes Forbes SocialPort, a social communications management system that optimizes marketing content of companies across all social platforms and enables their sales teams to make incremental revenues.

This social communications management system comes from North Carolina-based social platform technology company rFactr. Forbes Media, which has an equity stake in rFactr, has agreed to license the Forbes name to brand SocialPort product offering as Forbes SocialPort.

Both Forbes Media and rFactr have decided to promote and sell the product and share the revenue generated from the joint venture.

How Can Forbes SocialPort Help Brands?

In a time, when most b2b companies are trying to engage more and more prospects through social media platforms, Forbes SocialPort comes as a handy solution to their social communication management and content sharing woes.

Forbes SocialPort allows companies to share their marketing content on social platforms, which enables their sales teams to build strong relationships with key constituents, as well as potential customers, in order to generate better revenues.

The prime purpose of the social communications management system is to arms marketing with means to manage user access and content across corporate, group, or individual levels.

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Forbes SocialPort - social communications management system

Users can also use Forbes SocialPort to write, schedule and publish content across all social networks. They will be able to deliver valuable information and insights across the social ecosystem and at the same time track the effectiveness of social selling activities right from their dashboard.

SocialPort minimizes risk while altering social networks into primary channels for bringing in considerable return for the brand.

Forbes Media has already states that their sales team will use this social communications management system to manage and leverage their social selling efforts.

What Are The Leaders Saying?

Mike Perlis (@mike_perlis), Forbes Media President, and CEO said, “Forbes SocialPort reinforces our strategy to transform Forbes into more of a global product and tech-driven media company. This agreement will help us drive incremental revenues and will strengthen our technology portfolio.”

Richard Brasser (@richardbrasser), Founder and CEO of rFactr, shares the enthusiasm and adds, “The agreement with Forbes creates the opportunity for top brands to have access to the most robust social system in the market with Forbes’ respected content. ”

Bruce Rogers (@brogers825), Chief Insights Officer for Forbes Media and head of the Forbes CMO Practice, said, “This partnership with rFactr is a logical extension of our strategy to help companies better create, manage and activate their thought leadership content programs.”

Today, many brands are engaging themselves in extensive social media efforts to connect with their potential customers. With the help of Forbes SocialPort, they will be able to manage their content sharing activities and track the efficacy of their campaigns with ease.