For good and ill, San Francisco is still ground zero for new transport ideas


“If you’re standing on the top of your new building that’s out in downtown, looking down at all the streets, at all the cars, our question is why aren’t all those cars Ubered…the world would be a better place. If every car in San Francisco was Ubered, there would be no traffic. That’s pretty good….that’s basically giving back an hour of time to everybody in this city, every day.” –Travis Kalanick  

Ah, transportation. For over a hundred and fifty years, from Leland Stanford to Travis Kalanick, it’s a key component of infrastructure that’s been making Bay Area assholes rich while making the world more easily navigable, enraging the press, sticking it to the government and generating endless litigation.

These ignoble trends show no signs of abating, but there’s no doubt that a further reworking of the way people go from A to B is critical if we’re ever to survive the folly of having pumped so much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. And the Bay Area remains the ground zero of new transport ideas…

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