Fliptop Connects Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles to Salesforce


Salesforce, a leading software that, among other things, puts all of a salesperson’s lead and contact lists in one place just got a new app that can put a face to a physical address. Fliptop has launched Social Profiles for Salesforce, which automatically matches Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles to the people on a salesperson’s list.

In addition to jogging people’s memory of the contacts they’ve made throughout the year, social data offers cold-callers new ways to break the ice with sales leads through mutual interests. (If you get a call from your rep tomorrow asking how you liked last night’s episode of “Modern Family,” now you’ll know why.) At the very least, checking someone’s social media profile can prevent socially awkward moments like incorrectly guessing someone’s gender.

Here’s what this looks like:

Salesforce can already match your account with social profiles when you log in through your network, but Fliptop requires no manual data entry. Explained Fliptop director of marketing Sid Mistry, “Salesforce’s Social Contacts feature as it stands is merely an addition of the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn search bars.  By contrast, Fliptop’s Social Contacts automatically matches and displays social profiles for all Leads and Contacts, allows for public social profile links to be stored natively in Salesforce and makes it easy to follow, connect and friend contacts.”

The service isn’t free, but the basic plan is $ 19 a month and you can get 30 percent off when you enter this code at check-out: DF12.

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