Flashgap, the New Photo-Sharing App that Wants You to Live for the Moment


Is it really news that millennials spend too much time on social media even when out and about? It seems that millennials are no longer social in social settings and favor spending time staring at their screens instead of having a dialogue with their friends. Today, there’s an app called Flashgap, which might be a solution to this new, less social generation.

Flashgap is a French mobile app that just launched in the U.S. a few weeks ago and has started to invade college campuses. The app gained over 50,000 users during the Halloween weekend alone, and was even used by the High School Musical star and actor/singer Vanessa Hudgens, who decided to celebrate her Halloween Bash on the app with her friends and fans.

Here is how the app works: Flashgap allows users to create a group photo album with their friends during a party or an event. The catch is that every photo or video that is taken disappears in three seconds and remains hidden until 12pm the next day. That is when the Flashgap album is unveiled and all participants receive the entire album and get the surprise of uncovering all the pictures from the previous night… for better or for worse!

Flashgap Is A Time-Delayed Photo-Sharing App

The idea here is to help users to live in the moment without the notion of going through pictures, adding filters or sharing pictures on different social platforms because pictures and videos disappear instantly.

The app was created around a hobby that the four young founders used to do during their nights out, which was inspired by the end credits from the movie ‘The Hangover’, where pictures of the previous night are revealed.

We used to go out with GoPros strapped to our heads and we’d swap cameras among us throughout the night. The next day we’d meet up and watch all of the footage – it wasn’t just recalling memories, it was rediscovering our night. That’s our goal with Flashgap, to allow friends to re-experience their best nights together,” said Flashgap’s young CEO, Julian Kabab (@juliankabab).

The Flashgap team is composed of 11 young Paris-based individuals, highly motivated, from 20 to 28 years old, who strive on making a difference by generating a social impact through the app and being the perfect companion for all of those special occasions.

When Flashgap launched on New Years 2014, it was able to create a buzz in France gaining almost 30,000 users overnight.

Since then, many new key features were added, such as comment sections on pictures, privacy options for open or closed albums, the ability to connect groups via third-party social, crops on pictures, messaging platforms and the scratch, which allows you to apply a pattern to the picture while it disappears and the next day at noon, when opening the gallery of pictures, you can recognize the pattern.

These photos are hidden so you need to open it and scratch your screen, as you would do it with scratch-off “money games”.

The CEO of Flashgap, Julian, and the Flashgap team are currently traveling through Los Angeles, touring campuses and getting in touch with the app’s user base. The app is starting to gain popularity in the U.S. and has teamed up with several Californian fraternities to showcase the app’s party enhancer aspect and to help frats gather their best party memories.

The company is relocating its offices to the U.S. early in 2016 and believes that the move will open prosperous opportunities. Julian has big dreams for this startup, which he founded with three of his closest friends and believes that in order to succeed, they need to keep intact the culture and the trust users have put into the app.

Julian stated, “Privacy is a big topic for all social media platforms today and we will make sure to respect and keep our promise regarding this topic.” The app will not allow the content to go to any third party and will concentrate on differentiating itself from players such as Snapchat.

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